Skydiving helmet chin mount update

I have got few questions about the chin mount for G3 and how has it been working. I have not used the mount for more than a year as the original mount was little bit too long and had poor contact with the G3 which caused wobbling. I felt that the base of the mount would have needed at least one or two updates to get it working well enough for daily use.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to do the updates and people who have requested the original model files have not sent any updates back 🙂 I also started doing little bit more serious photography and I had to change the helmet to this monstrosity:

But I did make a new model for Bell 2R mountain bike helmet which is completely snag proof. The new model is not adjustable and there is no easy way to get the camera out of the mount or to do a cut away, but the position and angle of the camera are very good for its purpose. I would recommend the mount+helmet combo for anyone wanting to have a very safe helmet. Unfortunately the mounting uses blu tack which makes it look very hackey. I would not recommend using the white one as it gets dirty in a week 🙂

There is also smallish flysight mount at the back of the helmet. The fit of the flysight mount is not very good, but its easy to use and serves its purpose.

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